As partners of Microsoft, we are able to offer a wide range of benefits through solutions such as Microsoft Cloud: Office 365, Sharepoint, Azure e Dynamics.




With the optimization of cloud services, we are able to resolve the projects for you so that you and your company can focus on growing your business. We offer a diversified range of solutions that allow for the utilization of tools that are best suited to your company’s current situation. We offer migratory solutions to projects via Microsoft Cloud as well as the management of Cloud Services :

  • Transformation to cloud
  • Lift and Shift
  • Cloud utilization optimization
  • Cloud Productivity Solutions
  • Intranets and Sharepoint Projects
  • AZURE Cloud for diverse applications (SAP, Microsoft and others)
  • Disaster Recovery



  • Speed in the implementation of solutions on demand
  • Flexibility in the structure and capacity to scale up
  • Process optimization
  • Accessibility and Availability
  • Cost and risk reduction
  • High availability with quality
  • Analysis and control tools
  • Data security